I enjoy bringing ideas to life with creative product strategy, systems design, tech development, and a disruptive entrepreneurial spirit.

Product Development Strategy  Systems Design 
Workflow Processes  Sustainability Product Innovation

Data Architecture + Integration   Strategic Partnerships

Experiential Branding   Creative Marketing Strategy 

Full-Stack Development    Eco-Identity Applications

Areas of focus

I am a creative, design-minded entrepreneur that loves crafting unique strategies to launch new products and businesses.

I have not followed a linear path in my education nor career — I’ve lived many professional lives in the entertainment, beauty product development, hospitality, health & wellness, consumer lifestyle tech, and sustainability industries.


I’ve combined my passion for creative strategy/design, my post-grad education and experience in full stack development and tech products, and my background in marketing and entrepreneurial management into my process as a founder, strategist, and advisor to provide unique value.


I am currently working on disruptive solutions in sustainability tech and media, and am advising primarily in socially conscious product development and early stage startup launch/pivot strategies.

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